Game/TF Card For Rog Ally Handheld Console With 38000 Retro Games + PC Games For MAME/SS/PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP/DC/N64/WII/WIIU/NES/NDS

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  • Accessories Type: Accessory Kits
  • Compatible Brand/Model: ForRogALLy
  • Brand Name: JMachen
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Name: Game Card
  • Memory: 512GB memory
  • Game Type: Retro Games+PC Games
  • Game's Number: 38000+ Games
  • Compatible models 1: Rog Ally
  • Compatible models 2: Windows Handheld Consoles
  • Reading Speed: 150MB/S
  • Performance: A2 level performance
  • Compatibility: Compatible with USB3.0 card reader
  • Usage: Plug and Play
  • Built-in dual system: Retrobat System + Playnite System
  • Physical advantages: Cold and heat resistant, shockproof and waterproof

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Highlights Of This Game Card For Rog Ally

✍ Suitable For Rog Ally,windows handheld consoles,windows pc.
✍ Pre-installed multiple emulators,for PS3/PS2/PS1/SS/DC/Wii/Wiiu/MAME etc.
✍Pre-installed 38000+ Games,including 42 PC AAA games+38255 retro games.
✍Plug and Play,can be placed in the handheld card slot.
✍Very fast speed,up to 150MB/S.
✍Pre-installed dual system,playnite system+retrobat system.
✍A2 performance,runing faster.
✍Gift:free game download resources,including 110000+ retro free game download resources and 388 AAA PC game download recources.
✍Good services,if you encounter any questions during using our products,please feel free to contact online customer server,we will provide technician support and after-sale services,everything can be solved!!!

TF Card Suitable For Rog Ally,WIN Handheld Consoles,WIN PC

This game card works on multiple devices,suitable for Rog Ally and others windows handheld consoles /pc,please notice,if using on windows pc,need to be used with a docking station.

Support Multiple Emulators

The 512GB TF game card support multiple emulators,for PS3/PS2/PS1/PSP/Wii/Wiiu/SS/DC/N64/NGC/SNES/NDS etc.

Pre-installed 38000+ Games

This game card for rog ally built-in 38000+ games,including 42 PC AAA games and 38255 retro games,makes your rog ally to a retro game consoles,more games more fun!

Plug and Play

This 512G game card is plug and play for rog ally ,an be placed in the handheld card slot.

Playnite+ Retrobat Dual System In One

This gamecard pre-installed playnite system and retrobat system.
In the playnite system,we pre-installed 42 pc games,and playnite system support you adding local pc games very easily.
In the retrobat system,we pre-installed 38000+ retro games for you,and we pre-installed 50+ Emulators in this system.

Fast Speed 150MB/S

This gaming card has fast speed,up to 150MB/s,will bring you a better game experience!

A2 Performance,Running Faster

This TF card for rog ally has A2 performance,running faster than others.

Free Gift:Free Game Download Resources

When you received the pachage,you can contact the online customer services to get the free game download resources.
It is including 110000+ retro free game download resources and 388 AAA game download resources!


✔ Support 15 Days No Reason to Return and Refund!
✔ About Product/Logistics Problems
—Each device will be tested three times by our technicians before shipment!
—Contact online customer service, we will provide support!
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